Design Sponge had a contest in the beginning of the year to create an image on Instagram illustrating our New Year’s resolutions.  My image “Less is More” was one of the chosen pictures to be featured on the site!  Check it out here.

Design Sponge New Year's Resolutions Less is More




Confetti Image from Plenty of Colour

Confetti Image from Plenty of Colour

I am a big fan of the new year because this holiday is a great way to make new promises and goals.

Though I probably should not use the excuse of a new year in order to make new goals.

Here is my list of resolutions for 2013.  The idea is that if I send it out to the universe (aka the internet), then I am more willing to hold myself accountable.

1. “Less is more” My ultimate goal for 2013 is to live by this motto.  I often find myself wanting so much and ignoring what I have.  I adore simplicity, though I probably have a romanticized view of it, which is why I want to revert back to it.  I do not want to spend my money on petty things or get caught up in aspects of life that in the long run do not matter.  I hope by striving for simplicity I achieve a sense of calmness in my life, and a fatter bank account.

2. Better Health Striving for better health is my goal every year.  I think this resolution ties back to my idea of simplicity.  I want to limit my sugar and processed food intake, and focus on wholesome nutrition, as well as figuring out what diet works best for my body.  Lately, I have become very aware of what my body is taking in.  I have to say, it is terrifying what we consider “food” now a days.  Along with eating better, I want to get on a more frequent exercise plan.

3. Creatively Push Myself This year I returned back to painting after taking a five-year break from it.  I have never been so excited about my art as I am now.  I have about 20 new paintings sitting around my house.  My goal is to have 20 more y the end of 2013 that I feel are up to par with what I want to achieve with my work.  Once they are finished, I will put them out there to the world.  They are not doing any good just sitting around in my house.

4. Find Love and Beauty Everyday I think it is easy for most of us to get caught up in life, but this year I hope to pause everyday and reflect on the love that surrounds me.

5. If I can help it…Spend Less Time on the Computer and Phone Once again, this has been a goal for several years.  I would say that this year I have gotten better, especially after reading Tony Dokoupil’s article “Is the Internet Making Us Crazy?” If you have not read it, you should do so now.  You will want to throw your smart phone out the window the moment you finish the piece.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?  What do you do to make yourself stick with them?   

I am working on developing a loose style in my paintings.  As advice from other artists, the best way to approach learning a new technique is to study the style of painters you admire.  Katie Stratton’s floral paintings in Kinfolk Magazine Vol. 2 immediately caught my eye, which is why I wanted to practice her technique.  My study is on the right and Stratton’s image is on the left.

* This piece is a study for me to learn from.  I do not take credit for this piece *

How do you approach developing style in your artwork?